Why I started this site


While Sophie helped cook and photograph, Murray kept me company typing up the recipes!

A few years ago, while our family was planting a church, we did our first Daniel Fast.  We wanted to have a time of concentrated prayer and seeking the Lord.  It went bad, very bad.  I thought we had been eating well, but our bodies told us differently just one short day into the fast.  This began a complete lifestyle change for me.  The next Daniel Fast, after eating healthier in our everyday lives, was a great time with God.

A fast, specifically The Daniel Fast, is not just about what you stop eating.  It is about removing something in order to prompt your attention to spend more time with Jesus.

I’m not a chef, blogger, or photographer.  I’m a wife and mom who enjoys cooking real food for my family.  I found these recipes the past couple years while researching whole food, plant based meals.  Most of the ingredients are available at a regular grocery store, and the majority of the recipes are designed to be complete meals.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy some of these recipes so much that they make it into your regular cooking, too!